Wax start up kit advice please?


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Nikki Martin

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Oct 12, 2015
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I am starting a waxing course and the course have offered a kit available from them. But I think I would rather source the kit separately, can anyone advise the best heaters and waxing products. I would appreciate any advice as this is a new venture my plan is to be mobile and work from home also so need my equipment to be portable.

really the best way to choose your products is through deciding on your price range and testing a few different ones yourself as everyone has different favorites. Some of the most popular ones on here seem to be perron rigot, Adam and Eve, outback organics, berins and lycon
Theres lots of fabulous info on here ... if you do a search for each thing individually eg wax heaters, wax, gloves etc you will get really great threads detailing what's best...
Thank you ladies, when your starting out it seems to be overwhelming!!

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