Waxing course tomorrow, in Leeds


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Jun 4, 2011
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bradford uk
Got a waxing course tommorrow at sallys in leeds is any of my geeklets freinds going and does anybody know whats inculed in the course really dont want my bakini line done :o xx
I did one at Sally's today in Manchester. Managed to get on last minute. I wasn't going to do it there as had heard negatives on SG but just had to grab what I could when the opportunity presented itself.

I really enjoyed it. Out of 8 of us only one had her bikini line done. We all had our legs, underarms and eyebrows done and a couple had their lips done.

I was quite worried as I am in my early 40's and on the heavy side and was expecting a room full of 18 year old model look a likes. Thankfully everyone was normal: all different ages, weights, heights, colours! I wasn't uncomfortable at any point.
Oh good i hope i dont have to have my bikini line done i've just had a baby and on the heavy side too so i'm dreding it knowing my luck they will pick me for the bikini wax:o i'll let you know how it goes ;) xx
I'm intrigued how you all practised if only one person had bikini done? Did you all take models?
It's not the best feeling in the world but if you are offering it to clients I think it's good to know what it's like to have done.
Good luck on the course.
We all practised on each other. I think the tutor should have insisted on the bikini for everyone but as only one volunteered the rest chickened out. We all had a little go, poor woman. The bikini was the last thing that was done so by then we had a pretty good idea of how to strip wax, it was mostly to show us set up, positioning of the client etc. She did go through it thoroughly, the demo took about 45 mins. Also, it was only just standard bikini line with strip wax, no intimate bits.

I know there are better courses out there. I have family commitment problems and can't sign up to anything more than 4 days in advance so I just took this opportunity at the last minute as a taster to see if I like waxing.

I'm going to have a little play around with it for a bit (not clients!) and then get myself on a reputable hot wax course.
Hope you got on alright!
I've got a waxing course on Thursday with Sally's as it was the only one I could do timewise that we didn't need a model for!
Hi all what a fantastic course loved every min we all worked on each other and had a right laff we all had our legs underarms and eyebrows done and our bikini line done if we wanted too most did but one or two never

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