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Jul 16, 2020
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I currently use the Sienna Double wax heater and only use warm wax. In the 1000cc I've got some pink wax from Salon Services (two pots) so I can get a nice deep dip for leg waxes and then Hive Lavendar in my 500cc so I can easily dip in for brows/lip. I decided to decant this time, usually I would just put the wax pot straight into my 500cc, but it then sticks out the top and I can't put the warmer lid on at the end of my day.

Should I be lowering my 500cc temperature to account for the increased contact of wax to warmer? The pots don't fill the 500cc so a lot of the wax stays cooler I would imagine. I usually leave it at default 80c. I know if I set it too cool, I'm at risk of pulling off the skin, too hot and it'll burn. I can't see anywhere what the correct temperature is. Even on my training they said "set it to about 7" ???

Thanks x
You have to trial and error In afraid. Although in training we are given temperature ranges to apply wax to skin, the machine temperature required to achieve skin temp is very variable.

when we used to have 1-10 dials we thought nothing of twitching the dial up or down according to how hot the wax felt when we skin tested it before each client. The setting varied because we might have just topped our pot, or we might be scraping the bottom. We understood that affected temperature.

now that we have temperature gauges reading out the temp of the base plate, we get all worried. You just need to use your common sense to find the sweet spot after a bit of trial and error.

i have the same heater and I have liner pots for mine, so I decant. My wax works best with a half full pot heated to 78° - with the lid off. If the lid has been on I have to twirl spatulas around for a few secs.
My wax heater has a numbered dial, so is not digital. As per college training I judge it by working consistency and the old fashioned test on my wrist as the safest way to proceed. As I use only two waxes I know their differences well. I always decant mine into the liner pot too.
You should stir you wax as it's heating as I think that will help you with the cooler centre.

I twiddle or waft the spatula before applying to the facial areas to cool further and you can't go wrong.

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