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Jun 1, 2014
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Hi, I'm using the waxperts hot wax at the moment which I love but I'm having problems getting the correct temperature with it. It refuses to stay at a consistent temperature so I'm forever having to adjust it & then it becomes either too hot or too cold which is really frustrating. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. X
What waxpot are you using hun? I use waxperts but I don't know the temp as using just settings x
It's a Deo wax heater, I try to keep it on number 3 but then the wax cools too much & goes stringy & I have to turn the temperature up & then it goes too hot.
The only thing I would say is turn it up very slightly and stir each time you dip, if it's slightly to runny hold it a few seconds to call and then apply xx
Check your electricity current. I had issues with my one salon but the other salon was completely fine and it turned out the current in the one salon was not constant so the pots and machinery never receive constant current and that blew the thermostat of my parafin wax pot for one and also wax heaters were not at the correct temp.
Thanks for the advice ladies,I'll give those a try & see how I get on. X

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