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May 17, 2004
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Hi all

Does anyone else suffer with weak spots at the sides of the nail. I put on a tip after reducing the contact area and well, preblending, stick tips to the nail and hold for a few secs, and try to press the sides in but end up getting stuck. The spot is just where the points are either side of the tips (if you know what I mean). The problem doesn't show up straight away but days after perhaps.

Could this be due to over blending before and when on the nail, or not pressing the sides down enough when sticking tips? I find when I try and press the sides down after initially clicking tip into place I end up sticking to the adhesive so maybe I tend to shy away from it a bit although ....

I get these weak spots on me too and I haven't got tips on, just scuplted nails, it's right up the side between Z1 and Z2, some are chips others are horizontal cracks.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks
Hi Deb,

Maybe you are not over blending the tip but perhaps you are not putting enough product over the sides of the nails - if that makes sense :eek:

It is easy when putting your product in zones 1 & 2 to not press it out into the sides properly. HTH
Hi Nikki

Yes I guess that makes sense, perhaps that's the problem. Will have to experiment and see if that is the case.

It sounds to me as if when applying zone 2 (with or without a tip) you are not pulling the bead completely over zone 1 at the sides. This forms a little glitch at the side and causes as you say a weak spot.

Make sure you pull the skin away from the sides of the nail as you work, and turn the finger on its side to really make sure this does not happen ... if necessary make a small bead and add to each side to make sure.
Thanks Gigi, will bear this in mind when I do my next job tomorrow.


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