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Mar 15, 2003
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hey all! I was wondering if anyone could point me towards a weather forecast for cheshire for next week, thanks!!!! :green:
thanks geekettes!!! I fly out tomorrow, I hope I remember everything and make the geeks look good!!!
FingerNailFixer said:
thanks geekettes!!! I fly out tomorrow, I hope I remember everything and make the geeks look good!!!

Hiya Holly,
Hope you have a wonderful time here in the uk :cool:
Hi Holly have a great time n a safe journey
the weather here is beautiful!! What a lovely country!! I am in the hotel now, trying to find things to do to help me stay awake!! thanks for the weather links and well wishes you guys are so GREAT!!!
where are you staying in cheshire Holly?
Holly and Melissa, have a brill time and go and get em girls..............
lots of Huggs to you both xxxxx
Hope you guys have a wonderful will be well under way by now...have you met my daughter yet (Fee)? I found the week exhilarating and life-changing hope you do too, Fiona Wallace
Hello gals! we are staying at Wychwood park. It is very beautiful and everyone is very hospitable. I have met Fiona from Scotland as a matter of fact we sat next to each other in class today!! Everything is just brilliant the european team creative is amazing and Sam is everything I could have expected and more, he makes it fun as do the others. They all re-enforce what I already knew about Creative that it is an amazing team dynamic between everyone and I am so hoping to pass and become a part of it. I am not feeling too stressed out yet, I have not done perfect and as a turtle the timed things are hard for me but I am giving it my very best and hope to improve myself throughout the week!! Thanks again to you all! Well it is a bit after 11pm and we just got out of class so I am off to my room to study for an hour or two. Take care all, hugs!!
Hi ya Holly,
Great to hear from you and to imagine we are all on the same side of Atlantic...........
You will get there babe, the turtle won the race in the end babe !!!!!!!
You eill make a fab edition to the education Team and will shine in years to come as an Ace Ambassador.................
love and huggs
well Fiona and I got A's on our test from last night!! I am a bit sad about the morning workouts, I have been practising aerobics since January so I would not have to be embarrassed and we didn't really do aerobics today we alternated walking and jogging. I was so embarrassed as I could not keep up! I have shin splints so the jogging was excruciating so I did not jog every time but I did my best and I never quit. Hopefully the thought counts for did nails today and I think some of us wondered what we were doing here! On the positive side of that I think our second try at it went much better as the hands were not shaking quite so much!! Fiona is such a love some of us call her princess to tease her because of the movie shrek! She is just such a doll and such a laugh! Melissa is great as well, very smart and loads of fun. It is hard I feel like I am being challenged and while I am disappointed to not do as well as I exect of myself I am giving it everything I have and looking forward to tomorrow with renewed passion for the next step. Well gals I must be off to study we just got out and luckily it is only 9:30!!! thanks and hugs!!
Congratulations on getting an 'A' - don't worry about the aerobics, if you could have seen me - an overweight, unfit 40something! - it's the taking part that counts!!! Glad yuo are making new friends. I know it's all a bit of a roller coaster emotionally but you hang in there, believe me it's worth it! (By the way you can tease Fiona further by reminding her it's not just you guys who call her Princess - her Dad calls her that too!) Hope you have had a good day today, Best Wishes, Fiona
Brill an A' for the's the determination to get there that counts........
As in all things:..........
determination to finish something no matter how difficult it may seem half way through.............. A lot of people can start something, but how many can actually finish something if it seems to hard to do ??? You did babe and thats all that matters........ I would choose a turtle any day Hun, they dont get side tracked they just go and do it without fuss and distractions............

I think, you are very much up to all the challenges this Boot Camp will be giving you..................I wish you all the best and here have a hugg babe xxxx
thanks luvs you are the best! I am still giving it my very best!! I got a B on the second test and am heading up to my room to study more for the next test. Except for feeling silly about the exercise I am loving it here! I love the challenge this is giving me and the oppurtunity to improve as a nail tech! I just adore Fiona I shall miss her terribly she makes my sides hurt from laughing all day, and she is soooo adorable!!! We are still sitting side by side for the lecture parts but we have not got to work on each other. Many hugs gals and I am off to study just thought I would check in as it makes me feel at home :green:
Holly, you are doing great sweetheart!!!! Only one day left (gulp!) - hope your big test goes fantastic - keep us posted, we're rooting for you, Fiona W
ok got another B and now a C, the big test was hard but manageable I think I did ok, not as well as I expected of myself but ok. Having such a great time I will miss everyone terribly!!!!
Oh well done Holly, I THINK YOU have done brill :cool:

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