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Mar 11, 2013
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United Kingdom
How damaging are weaves & does anyway have a rough price guide on fitting these?
As long as the cornrows are not to tight & the wefts are sewn in properly. It's not really damaging. Pricing depends on how many rows you have put in. If someone says they want 3/4 head I usually charge about £35-£40 , full weave £45-£50 otherwise it's £10 per row.
Just as long as the cainrow is not done too tightly and u brush your hair with a detangling brush gently.
I've had this done before when going on holiday. I found them very uncomfortable and got my cousin to cut out the sew work like a week after getting them done. They also gave me headaches. That's my personal use. She said she charges £10 a row but because she was friend she charged me 7 a row. She said she didn't do them too tight and I'm sure she didn't but they were uncomfortable x
We have been running fast track weave courses for many years and we have never come across any feedback from our students that they have had any complaints from customers about this method. Weave is a very strong secure method and as long as the braid is placed correctly at the right tension then everything should be ok.

Customers like this method of install because you can get a lot of length and thickness quite easily and quickly.

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