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Jun 4, 2009
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Hi guys,

I know there have been alot of posts about websites, but was wondering if I could have some opinions from professionals of our trade?
All opinions welcome

Essex Mobile Beauty - Home

Thank you
I think it's fab, I like the colour scheme.

only one thing, i would write "Acrylic" not "L&P" if I were you.
Many people don't know what L&P is.
Your website is for your clients not for professionals.:)

It looks great to me, very professional. It would attract me to the service if I lived back in Essex as I used to, Great images and I want those leopard print toenails! x
Great I'll change that. Thank you x
I like the website. I noticed that on the Eyelash treatment page, your prices weren't in line, and although it says Grays, Essex, you don't say exactly where you travel to. I loved the gallery.
Hey there
If I'm completely honest..... You have a spelling mistake on the front page (should be their instead of there) and there are grammatical errors too.

I love the colour scheme and your icons, they look great. The celebrity photos are good too- do you have any of nails that you have done other than the minx toes?? That's what I like to see as a consumer!

None of this is meant in a nasty way, just constructive criticism! Hopefully it'll bring you loads of lovely clients :D

Website looks nice, great smooth colours, however you missed all the important things that search engines pick up on.. proper title, meta tags, alt tags etc.
Hi hun!
website looks lovely! Love the colours! I did notice one thing and it might just be me being blind, but on your homepage it says you offer 'Nails to tanning' but there is no other information about tanning on your pricelist.

I loved the website and colour scheme is popular at the moment, although it is sometimes not always best to write on black as it is difficult to read, think about your target market are they creative types. For me personally however I like it.
My feedback; include images on your nail treatments page;
put the image of lady gaga next to the minx and nice shellac image by this menu...and so on, each service needs to be identified with an image. Then when your clients come to the salon have the same images advertising these services, on your consultation cards, posters, appointment cards ect. Repeat these images, duplicate what they see about 4 or 5 times over a visit, subconsciously they will be familiar and you might find you get an add on service. Certainly next time it is easier for them to remember the treatment through an image than words.

Oh goodness I hope I have made sense...what I am trying to say is link in 1 service with an image, make it easier to remember and recognise, then reuse the same image when you see your clients, posters, flyers, cards ect.

let me know if i have lost you, will try and explain it again.
I really like your website colours scheme is lovely very appealing to clients well done x

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