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Apr 22, 2010
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Hi I would like to create a website for my services to try and get new clients but don't know where to start. Has anyone else created one and can they give me some advice please. Many Thanks Shez:idea:

Contact Ruth from Salon Alchemy on here - she can advise you. And search the forums here - there have been loads of threads on websites that will help you.

The main advise I would give is, find someone good to do it for you, put lots of time and effort into planning what pages/photos etc you'll have and what you want to say and always put yourself in the position of the client when checking it over etc.

Good luck! x
If you want to do it yourself like I did, you can buy the domain name from (mine was £5.99 for two years). Then I bought a hosting package for £4.99pm which includes a free sitebuilder tool. It's great for me because I can do it all in my own time and do it exactly how I want. And best of all, it's easy. Highly recommended.

They have features on there that help get it high up on google lists too, and various other things like that too.
i build mine using is a free web and at any point of time if you want to upgrade to bigger storage space you can to so. best thing i like, is i can to it like how i wanted to

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