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May 7, 2007
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Im currently charging £65 for my brides make up and £55 for bridesmaids. This price includes the prelim and travelling out on the day of the wedding to their location to apply final make up. Because I have a salon in town, I have to therefore close on the morning for normally 1 - 3 hours depending on how many make ups I have to do. Which got me thinking, Should I be charging more to cover my salon being closed and for travelling to them. Wanted to know what other geeks did. xx
We charge £50 for a bridal make-up (including trial) and more for petrol cost if there is travel involved. As with everything it depends on how long you take, i normally do the make-up in 30 minutes if i have done a trial beforehand but if you are spending a long time with each client then £65 sounds reasonable.
Hiya - don't sell yourself short! No doubt you have trained long and hard (not cheap!) and you have expenses to cover...I am based in Surrey and I charge £105 incl trial for the bride and £39 for others...but that is cheap I think! I know a lady in Portsmouth who charges £145 for the bride incl trial. In London expect £165 - £195. Of course you need to remain competitive and check out the prices of local competitors...there are always people out there willing to do make-up for £20 or whatever...but will they be as qualified, experienced and insured like you...this is worth charging more for.
blimey, Im underselling myself as Im charging £35 for a wedding make up and that includes a practice sesh. Other salons in the Nottingham area seem to be charging this sort of price (I'm home based/mobile). I'm not sure anyone would pay near to £100 for their makeup - or am I wrong?! :rolleyes:
We charge £35 too... I would never close my salon door to go out though, maybe it's time to take on another member of staff :)
When you say £35 is that the price for their make up being applied on the day and their prelim? I do sometimes think that my £65 im charging is still a little lower than id like to charge .. that cuts it down to £32.50 per make up. I also use a decent make up range (Bare Escentuals)
Wedding make ups only make up a small percentage of my business. I cannot afford to employ staff, what with wages, insurances etc etc. Im a small salon owner, thats what ive wanted from the start. Obviously i like to be flexible for my client base. If in time its too difficult for me to close the salon and travel to them on the wedding morning i will no longer do it.
Don't worry about putting your prices up ... sometimes you can even price yourself out of the market by being too cheap! I put mine up and I didn't loose a single client.

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