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Jan 8, 2016
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hi everyone, I just moved down south and one of my old clients I used to do up north obviously had to find a new hairdresser and has contacted me to see if what the hair dresser is doing sounds right. Only problem is the hairdresser uses wella and I'm unsure of their numbering system and products so said id ask on here.
The client I used to do I used to put on 6.3 in dia richesse + 9 vol. Client is a natural 6.
The client has decided she wants to go copper and has said she picked out 66/45 or 66/44 in Color touch from the shade chart? (Sorry this is where it becomes slightly confusing for me) does wella have a number dedicated to copper?
So anyway the hairdresser has said she could put this colour straight over the clients hair. Without using wellas products I'm not sure how this would take or how well they take, do they come out darker (I find richesse does) ? Would a copper like that be ok putting over a 6.3 without cleansing the hair first? Would she not get root glow? Unless the stylist mixed base in for the regrowth?
The client can only really use semis aswell as any permanent brand I skin tested her with she reacted to (she said she has had the skin test for Color touch and it was fine)
Thanks for any suggestions/help. I just want to get back to her to reassure her/ advise her as I feel bad for leaving clients to find new stylists after they've trusted me ha.
Wella coppers are /34. 3 being gold and 4 being red mixed together is copper! 66/45 is a vibrant red (if you were to apply to pre lightened hair it would be bright bright red)
4 is copper in wella is it not? /34 is gold/copper /4 is copper. /45 is going to be really red and defo root glow.
Red in wella is 4,gold is 3.ive found along the depth of a 7 the 4 tone is more coppery(underlying 7 is orange) but have always used /34 for copper or 7/4 7/43 is lovely.i made the mistake to use 6/47 and it was sooo red!!
7/4 is lovely. Have couple of clients who have it.

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