Wella Illumina sandy/beige blonde


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Nov 6, 2015
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Hi! I need some advice and would really appreciate your help. I'm always struggling with ashy blondes at level 8! I use Wella.

I had a client that used to have high-lights back to back foils (apart from the very bottom which was black...). Anyway, she wanted to change for a full head colour and what I did was pre-pig. the highlights with 9/3CT and then I used Koleston 8/1 with 9/8 with 6%. The colour turned out nice but on the roots quite warm (you can't see it on the picture but in the day light it was slightly noticable) It wasn't the whole re-growth but just the part that is close to the scalp.
She was still happy but I know I could do better and next time I would like to use something different but would like achieve the same colour as the rest of the hair. I was thinking Wella Illumina 8/69 with 6%? Don't wan't any warm tones but obviously don't want to go too ashy too! If you know what I mean :) Here is the colour I did the last time. And you can see her natural on the left pic.
Thanks in advance and apologise for my pidgin English :)


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I would've suggested 8/69
The colour on the right isn't light enough to be an 8. You'd be better with 7/81 with pastel.

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