what are dimond nails?


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Apr 4, 2004
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Does anyone know what Diamond Nails are? I personally use Creative Solar Nail L&P. Could that be what Diamond Nails are, just a name brand? Please help.
I haven't heard of Diamond Nails but would imagine you are right - either another brand of L&P or diamond tips maybe???
Hi, there is a polish by alessandro called Dimonds nails, may be this is what it is, or alternativly in this months nails mag there is an issue on nails set to dazzle, the nail suppliers fire and ice gems are promoting the idea of using precious dimonds in nails, oh and rubbies and sapphires.

May be this is what dimond nails are!

Grace x
Diamond Nails is a brand of nail protector with many claims.

Diamond Nails is a revolution in nail care, containing real diamonds - the hardest substance known to man. Forget the frustrations of trying to grow beautiful nails - say goodbye to chipping, breaking or flaking. Brush on Diamond nails and thousands of tiny diamonds in the rich, transparent, glossy fluid will form a diamond hard protective coating. No formaldehyde or toluene, so your nails won't dry out - they'll grow long and strong. Its the safe way to grow beautiful, glamorous finger nails.

There is a salon near me that offers diamond nails. It is a brand of L&P. It's the dipping one. Hope this helps
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