What are your best selling products ?


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Jan 10, 2007
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I am looking to offer products to my current clients and I am interested tin your top 3 products. thanks everyone.
hiya, for me - Age resist day cream and exfoliator from eve taylor skincare range and my mavala nail enamels, £3.65 each, Cuticle oil a recent addition but selling well, hth x
Nimue Cleansing gel ( I sell one to anyone who says they use soap in the shower, as well as those who want the full skincare range)

& the Nimue Man's anti-aging serum (cos it's over half the price of the woman's one and IMO does as good a job)

Academie's large face and body bronzer and brush.
Everything!!.....i love it all,there isnt one product that isnt more popular than the other!....Why?,because the results are ten fold,and they work synergistically together.....can you tell i love Academie:lol:

Oh and Solar oil!
Nailtiques protein coat for problem nails,Intral cream by Darphin for sensitive skin and Nailtiques cuticle oil therapy,all sell like wild fire.Hth
Aside from professional skin and hair products we sell alot of Tend Skin, No Scream Cream and more recently Christmas Pudding Lipglosses!:green:
Dermalogica skin smoothing cream and daily microfoliant, and bare escentuals face kits are our best sellers!
Thank you everyone for your replies.

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