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May 17, 2004
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hi there

Just trying to put together my final price list after doing my model prices, and would like to know what prices I should charge for the following:

Full Set L&P - tip overlay
Full Set L&P - sculpting
Removal and manicure
Lost nails

I am looking to do Brisa Gel soon and wondered if the price structure would be the same.


Is there anything I have missed that I should charge for?
hi there
i don't know about your area but i charge the following - working from home: I also work in a salon but their prices are much higher.

Acrylic extensions - perm french 30.00
Coloured/glitter acrylics etc - from 35.00
maintenance (inc 2 lost tips) - 15.00
Additional tip within maintenance - 2.00
Single tip and overlay - 4.00
Safe removal of extensions WITH a treatment from the above - 7.00
Safe removal WITHOUT a treatment from the above - 17.00

Natual nail overlays
Clear - 20.00
Perm french - 25.00
colour/glitter etc - from 30.00
maintenance - 15.00
luxury creative spa manicure - 15
shape and polish - 8.00

I also offer a nail biters service - basically the maintenance is charged at £10 fper week for 4 weeks if they pre-book and pre-pay for 4 weekly appointments - thus allowing the nail biter to achieve a longer nail bed and then they can progress to fortnightly appointments. I word it better than this on my price list!

I also do freehand nail art and airbrushing and spray tanning.
Thanks for info, I was planning to charge £30 for full set and £15 for maintenance, wasn't sure about the rest.

It very much depends on your area: you need to do some research on what other salons charge and charge yourself accordingly. Dont know if you're home based or mobile but people often make the mistake if they're mobile of thinking they have to charge less which is wrong coz you are giving a personal service and have the expenditure of lost time getting from place to place and car maintenance etc. etc.
Hi i am a salon owner but i am reasonable compared to the other creative salon in my area and i charge as follows

Sculpted Nails (pink & white) £38.00
Tip & overlay (pink & white) £36.00
Infills (2 weeks) £25.00
Back fill /rebalance (4 weeks) £30.00
Minimum appt fee £5.00

Any lost tips are sometimes included but usually charged for. I charge more for sculpted not because it costs me more but because it takes more skill and not a lot of nail techs can do it well.

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