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May 13, 2004
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Montrose, Scotland
I'm opening a nail salon in November, and have recently done a threading course. The salon is quite small, i don't have a seperate room, as i don't do any other beauty treatments. Im looking for ideas as i don't really have room for a couch as such, and the specialist facial chairs i've seen are quite pricey!

Do you all use couches? Any help/advice appreciated.

what about a recliner chair like a la fuma, I paid £100 for mine which included p&p but have seen cheaper versions that aren't padded for about £40 in garden centres and Argos.
or what about one of those tall directors chairs that make-up artists use?
Yeh, thats the one i think i'm gonna go with if i can't find anything better. Just wasn't sure how professional they looked. I know many people use them for doing pedicures and reflexology so that's handy too. How'd you find yours?
Hiya Lisa,
I got mine from a garden centre and it included p&p, could find the address for you if you like. Its in green and padded.
my friend got a wider, larger one in silver but its not padded.

You can get them in blue and black too.

try googling la fuma.

have seen the cheaper mesh type ones in Argos and my local garden centres.

They are dead comfy and I think they look very professional.

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