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Oct 14, 2015
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Im currently working in an amazing little salon and am just wondering whats working best in your salon?
At the moment we focus mostly on eyes, so threading would be quite strong as are eyelash extensions. We are considering getting Image in and also concentrating on facials with this brand. At the moment we are working with two french brands that arent well known and therefore not very popular.

There are so many courses i want to do to expand the treatments the salon currently offers..
On that, would be HD Brows (at the moment we do very similar however, its not the official HD brow brand which i feel limits us a little bit), Yumi Lashes and Microblading. Sleek eyebrows are looking quite interesting too, that is brow sculpting and eyebrow extensions.

Have any of you recommendations on what works best for you? What is giving back the best return? Is HD worth it to bring in more customers? Im just really curious to find out whats working for everybody else.
When I first started I believed that the more I could offer, the better my business would be. Then one year I spent hours doing statistics and found that out of all the treatments I offered, only 2 types were making me all the money: facials 1st, massage 2nd. I've gradually gone the other way and cut out or cut down my other treatments and all my training is about facials. I still do the statistics every year to make sure I still know what's profitable. You could also survey your customers to see what they're interested in and would they come to you for those treatments.
HD Brows is rebranding to High Definition so I'm not sure it will be such a draw in future.
Treatments wise, rather than profits wise, my most popular treatments are nails (extensions and gel polish) and waxing followed by tanning, then massage.
My least popular is facials..I even changed brands to try and boost it up, but no luck, so I will be taking them off my list very soon,along with reflexology...
I honestly think HD will still do as well. People ask for it. Busiest treatment by far x
thanks guys x
I do HD brows lvl lashes lash extensions waxing tans and nails and brows are by far my busiest and biggest earner x
Lots and lots of threading, Shellac and Caci facials.

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