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Jul 6, 2003
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Normanton, West Yorkshire
Had a lady purchase some gift vouchers for her friends birthday last week and the birthday girl booked an appointment for a full set today at 1pm:rolleyes: I was absolutley gobsmacked when she came in........................her nails were taht badley bitten, i bet her nail plate was about 3mm long.....her cuticles were hard and thick:eek: I have treated alot of clients with bitten nails, but not like these, I explained that i couldn't put extensions on as there was vitually no nail plate there..........i gave her a manicure free and asked her to come back next week for an update and the week after..........i told her to look after them and to apply oils, nail strengtherners etc......i think i was right to do this................and i don't normally talk about my clients but they were disgusting:eek:
Amanda aka Lily
Well I know we can work miracles but sometimes it is just impossible .. in fact when the nails are that bad, they don't even look nice when they are done!
You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear???
Dissappointing but I think you did the right thing. Maybe having to care for her nails for a week or two will start her on the right road.

I hope it does spurr her on to care for her natural nails.......i think clients like her need educating first rather than just slapping enhancements on......
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