What product would this have been??


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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
I've soaked off some l&p done elsewhere this morning.

They were topped with a UV gel topcoat and under that was a very neat French which I thought had been airbrushed on as I could file it off when buffing through the top coat. It clearly wasn't white l&p. It was very neatly done and I immediately thought of the airbrushing with a stencil but no, she said, it was just painted on using a new product from America (that's what they had told her where she had them done). Not something I've come across before ... . . anyone know what that would be?
100 views and nobody knows? :sad:
Was it cured? Could have been a very well painted gel polish. If it was painted on and not airbrushed or stuck on i.e. Dashing Diva, then the neatness would have to be down to the skill of the previous technician whatever the product.
thanks for your reply juicylucy.

No, the lady said it was not cured. She thought it was just a nail polish really but they told her it was new and from the US. Just painted on, and then the UV gel topcoat over the top.

I did notice one or two had the exact same contours but were not quite straight, which was why I thought of airbrushing, so its possible a guide was used or something? But very neatly done. And if I do a French acrylic with pink and white, my prices are going to put her off, but she would like this same thing done again another time . . . . and I'd like her to come to me, not the other salon!

I'd love to know what it was.
Being from America, those sound like the Dashing Diva French wraps. Those aren't painted on though. The French wraps do add a bit of thickness to the nail. You actually paint the glue on before applying them though. When doing my French mani's, I hand paint all my smile lines. I've been doing nails for 12 years and I'm pretty good at them. Maybe it was hand painted. It could have been white gel paint. It goes on exactly like polish!
Probably Brisa's paint on white gel cleaned up with a flat brush and topped with Brisa Gloss. Or something similar in a different brand. Makes doing the white WAY easier.

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