What shade of pink and white for french manicure?


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Jul 4, 2006
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North Ayrshire
Just wondered -
For a French, what are your favourite shades of pink and white enamels in the Creative range ?
Mine are Cream Puff and Beau (sometimes Bed of Roses )

You ?
Cream Puff and Negligee looks gorgeous!
Well I have a few combos that my clients like
Creme Puff + Negligee
Creme Puff + Moonlight and Roses
Creme Puff + Beau
Creme Puff + French Pink
Silicone Smile + Super Shiney (Very white)
Silicone Smile + Negligee

These are the ones that my regular french clients have every 2 weeks! :hug: xx
Bisou de lulu and Marilyn for a real natural look
Creatives Bisou de lulu and Beau..gorgeous!
Creatives Bisou de lulu and Beau..gorgeous!

This is my curent fave also.

Although I still love Bisou deLulu and Marilyn.

Also Pointe Blanc and Marilyn, a nice creamy American Manicure look.

Choice is good!!!......and your clients will love you for it.
Thanks for all your replies and suggestions.
Gives me more food for thought and another excuse to buy more enamel .................as if we needed one !!!!!!!!:)
i use beau & creme puff , or moonlight & roses with creme puff , x

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