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Mar 5, 2004
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I need some advice please. I did my VTCT manicure and advanced nail tech exams about two years ago, but I don't do nails for a full time job (I work in an office). I don't get as much practice as I would like to and haven't done a full set for a while. I would love to do a creative foundation course in the future and have emailed them for some info, but in the meantime I want to get some practice in. Thanks to my sister who owns a hairdressers, I now have two sets of L&P to do in the next week or so:eek: . I am feeling more nervous about it the closer it gets and I don't know what to charge them. I can't charge full price (in my area this is about £28 to £30), as I don't feel confident or good enough to warrant it. What would you say is a realistic price to ask for? Help would be appreciated.


Hi, don't worry i know just how you feel. I felt the same way when i finally got some new clients from a friend of mine's salon. To be honest i'm always a bit nervous when ever i do a new client. You must practise all you can so you don't feel quite so bad. Try puting some tips on orange sticks and just practise applying, thats what i did as couldn't afford a nail trainer.

Don't be too hard on yourself, have more confidence with what you do and just believe in the fact you can produce good nails so don't under charge or you may give the clients the impression that you give a cheap and possibly under rated service. The prices you stated are the same where i live, they range from £25 from other mobile techs in my area to £35 from salons, so i went in the middle of the two for a full set, £28. If they have permanant french then its £32.

It is very hard in the beginning especially when you don't do it full time. I only do about three sets a week at the moment so i can fit it around my 3 yr old. Works for me but i would like more practise. Another thing you might want to consider is doing some one day refresher type courses just to iron out any doubts you may have. I'm doing three seperate days with Star Nails that are workshops in advanced techniques so that you can learn everything about the system you are doing. Then at the end you get a diploma in the system chosen. (as long as you pass obviously.)

Hope this helps.
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