What sterilization equipment do you nail techs / beauty therapists use?


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Feb 7, 2008
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Port shepstone, South Africa
Good evening ladies.
I am just conducting an information survey for myself really. I was wondering what sterilization equipment most therapists use for metal implements and do you reuse or sanitize foot files and nail files?

I have myself been on this major "hygiene kick" as so many people lately have picked up fungus from their nail salons or therapists. So I never want to hear anyone picking anything up from my salon.

I used to use those sanitizing dip trays which uses some hospital grade liquids which you soak for 20minutes. It really very good but I also recently purchased an autoclave machine which trays and I have always had a hot cabbie and uv cabby for other items.

I don't re use files if doing pedicure , used one then into the bin!

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