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Jul 19, 2003
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I have a customer which hasn't had a refill on her gel nails in about 3 months because she thought it would be "fun" to let them grow out. Before this she had been a regular customer for 6 months. Well she has very strong nails and none of the gel has lifted so she has gel on the top quarter portion of her nails. Now she wants to get them done for christmas. My question is what do I charge her for this: do i consider it a regular refill or do i charge here as if it were a new overlay?
In my eyes that wouldnt be your average refill!!!!!!
its been ages since she had any work on these babies and, as such I would charge more!

Just Me!!!!!!
As it's been 3 months....
they must be hovering on the edge by now..........
charge her the full new price...............it will take longer to do the work and that warrents the full price not just a rebalance price ...............
Thanx for the advice. I will charge her the full price of a new overlay since it has been so long since she's had them done. But really, it'll probably even be quicker than if i were doing a regular fill since i'll only have to remove the bits of gel left on the edge of her nails. In a normal fill i'd have tons of filing to do to prepare for the backfill method.
Yes, I agree with Winky...to me still the prices of full sets and overlays vs. rebalances don't make much sense.
One of my clients comes once every 2 months for a rebalance (older lady, has a difficult time getting a ride over here)..now normal rebalance (french) takes me 1:30 min. 30 min prep, 30 min application 30 min finishing. This lady takes me exactly the same amount of time if not less (I don't have to remove a lot of the product for the rebalance).
Here are her pictures:

I don't do "fills" per se, I do rebalances and I charge $40 (full sets, overlays $40-$60....$60 if there actually more work for me to do compare to rebalance, for example bitten nails, difficult shape and so on...)

Full sets take me 1:30 min as well.
15-20 min on prep, 30-40 min sculpting, 30 finishing
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