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Nov 3, 2010
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Can anyone offer me any advice. I have just decided to begin training to become a nail technician and was all about ready to pay for my course to train with OPI because ive heard such good things but ive just came across a Creative Academy and heard good things about them too and their closer to me.
I don't mind travelling though if OPI is the better of the too. HELP ME!! any advice appreciated.:)
I cant give you an opinion because i have not even trained yet. But from everything that I have read on here over the past few months, it seems.....

- Most people choose CND over anything else if they have the opportunity to.
- Most people end up doing a conversion course for CND if they have the opportunity to.

I obviously dont speak for everyone, but thats just what ive read. Also if it means anything I would train with CND first off if I could.

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