What will you be wearing to Olympia ?


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Jul 17, 2007
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Hi ladies, for those of you going to this years Olympia (next weekend - yeah) what are you gonna be wearing on your nails ?
Probably nothing so that if i want to see how a product is used i can have it done on my nails xx
The shellac I do on my nails tonight will still be on. I was thinking this morning I wonder if I will recognise anyone by their nails!! :)
Mine will either still have what I have on now which is a week old or I will have naked nails. All depends if I have the chance to remove them on Saturday or not.
Ooh is it best to go with bare nails then?
If mine are naked it will only be because I want one of the new CND Shellac colours on my nails as soon as I get home lol!
I was going to wear Vinylux due to easy removal but now you have me thinking should I go bare?
I'm going to be wearin my new gelish colours with abit of nail art... Have had my nails naked for 3 weeks now to let them breathe coz they were rather sore & weak so that what I'm goin to wear x hope to see some geeks be nice xx

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