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Mar 10, 2004
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Hi Me again

can someone tell what you mean by a Non-standard Salon?
NSS is a salon lacking in standards - untrained techs, no hygiene standards etc. the sort of salon you really don't want to go to.
Thanks very much, make sense now!!!!
Would a NSS be a licensed business? In Ohio a salon is to be licensed to operate by the State Board of Cosmetology. I am thinking businesses run in non-licensed facilities would be NSS. From what I have read though, it sounds as if a NSS is considered a "legit" salon though - meaning it is a business, in a building, set up to do nails/hair/skin care.

Lord knows I have visited at least a couple "salons" here where sanitation is NOT observed, no way, shape or form. Of course, the State Board rep was nowhere around. :rolleyes:

I have a salon near me that opened just before xmas. They had a advert on local radio saying "new salon........creative products etc". I only just went for a look yesterday and picked up a price list. The price list is full of spelling and grammar mistakes, but look like they spend a fortune getting them designed and printed (no creative logo on them though). The price list is also very unstructured and confusing for the customer I didnt get that good a look at the products but could only see solar oil in the retail area, think polish was another brand.

I hope i dont offend anyone who has these but they also have these horrible plasic seats for clients. It is a hand shape, clients sit in palm of hand, big fingers are the backrest with big red nails painted on. Sorry if anyone has these in their salon i just thought it looked cheap and tacky.

Just wondered what people thought about reputation. Should the professional reputation of creative not be carried throughout all business areas.
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