What's the difference between NVQ + VRQ


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Dec 29, 2011
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hi, can anyone tell me if there is any differences in these courses? mainly if you would learn different things and if it would make it harder to get a job with one?
its just i've been trying to complete a level 3 since I left college 2 years ago and have just found out that I can enrol on a VRQ level 3 with a local college but i'm sure ive read bad things on here about them?

Ive applied and dont have to pay until sept should I be accepted but dont want to waste £745 + exam fees if its not good
I done the VRQ level 3 last year, I feel it was a waste of a year. The course work is the same as my NVQ level 2 and I learnt nothing new.
I'm looking to go back to college and do the NVQ, if I was you I would look for a college that offers the NVQ 3.

Hth x

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If you do a search on here there's quite a lengthy thread on the NVQ vs VRQ debate, that might give you some more opinions on the courses and there's views from salon owners and stylists x

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fantastic thanks
sorry to be a pain but i cant find the thread? can anyone point me in the right direction please
thanks lauren

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