What's your facial routine?


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Hi everyone!

I'm new to this site, in fact this is my first post so please go easy on me! I'm incredibly passionate about skin care and would love to share what works for me and hopefully get a few tips advice from you all too!

I'm sure we've all discovered the products that have worked best for ourselves over the years, fully customised to our own skin type and preferences. What would you say is best products in your opinion and what products would you recommend?

I've used many products over the years and found these best work for me, my skin type varies according to the time of year in the winter it's oily and in the summer it dries up! Over the years I've used many, many products and I find these work best for me.

So I'd start off with this scrub, it uses fine walnut shell powder so not harmful for the envrionment which is a bonus, the abrasiveness of this product matched with it's price point is unbeatable, uses apricot oil so smoothes the skin and packed with antioxidants. Great overall exfoliator.

Next up I'll use the Tea Tree facial wash from The Body Shop matched with their soft cleansing brush and scrub in circular motions all over my face especially the sides of my nose, which adds a huge significance in giving a deep cleanse on my face than with my bare hands, a HUGE significance, I find it's able to get into every crevice of my skin, every nook and cranny, every pore and really give it that full on deep-cleansed feeling.


After which, with my skin thoroughly exfoliated and cleansed my skin would start to feel tight and dry no doubt due to all the erdicated sebum. I'd then go in with the Elemis Nourishing Omega-Rich oil cleanser which makes my skin feel hydrated and smoother! I'll massage it in for a few minutes with my fingertips and leave it on for a good minute for it to work its magic.

Time for Toner, Oil and Cream! The combination varies to how my skin feels, if I have a bit of a break out I'll use a Body Shop Tea Tree Toner but it's summer so I'm using the Vitamin E Toner.

Followed by a few drops of Argon Oil, this is the one I use, I put two drops on each cheek, one on my forehead and one on my chin then massage it all in.

Finally I'll finish it off by using this Nuxe Moisturising Cream.

On some days depending on how my skin is doing I'll change up some of the products that deliver the results I want like a seaweed clay mask if my skin is extra oily or a sleeping mask for overly dry skin, or I'll steam my face beforehand if I've got a breakout but this is pretty much my all-rounder routine.

What are some of yours? Or even just one product you'd recommend?


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Hey, I also love skincare - having struggled for many years to find the right products to suit my combination/very sensitive skin
My routine goes as follows
1. Makeup remover with micellar water (I found that superdrug own brand is the best)
2. Double cleanse with the biore (I think that's spelt correctly) combination baking soda foaming cleanser
3. Twice a week (usually Wednesday and Sunday, depending on how my plans line up) exfoliate with the biore baking soda powder (you can make it as coarse or as fine as you like which is perfect for me)
4. On the days I exfoliate, I then do a face mask, one of the L'Oréal pure clay masks (the blue one) leaves your face feeling like a baby's bum
5. Tone with Simple toner (green bottle)
6. Moisturiser, this varies big time because of how my skin is at the time, right now I use simple water based hydro-active moisturiser at night or if I'm not going out, then if I do go out I use the Nivea 24hour matte for combination skin
7. Around my eyes, I like to use a cooling gel as I go very dry and puffy this is done of an evening so it can soak in over night, I also use an under eye oil to help with my dryness

When cleansing my face I try to use the sponges that you might have used at college, I find that they are the best for me

I also believe that trying to stick to a brand as much as possible is key to a good routine. For my sensitivity, I found that it was very bad if I never did a mask after exfoliation so that's why I do the mask together, some people might say that putting that many products on your skin is causing the sensitivity. However these are products that I've stuck with for nearly 5 years give or take some products

Hope this helps


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Please note this is a site for professional, qualified therapists and it is contrary to site rules to recommend OTC products.


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Please note this is a site for professional, qualified therapists and it is contrary to site rules to recommend OTC products.
I was only stating what I have found has worked best for me. I am a level 3 qualified beauty therapist and my knowledge on salon/spa brands is very limited at the moment (only ever used dermalogica and most of that didn't agree to my skin) however, once my experience with more professional products expands I will change my routine and products, I promise
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