when are you "good enough"??


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Jan 11, 2003
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I left college in June 2002 after doing the VCTC courses in Manicures, Nail art and advanced nail techniques. I LOVE the nail industry (yet at times could scream!) I started on friends and family doing them all for free as i got told....practise,practise,practise.
I decided a while ago to advertise my talents(he, he) and charge...OMG!
I can do some nails and think WOW the nails stay on until they are due for fills....GREAT, then i do others and i am not quite so happy....i get a phone call to say they have come off (this is frustrating).
I would love to know when you are good enough and confident enough to have consistency with your work? :frust:
I know your frustration. It took me eons to feel confident enough to start to seriously charge for my services.

Confidence comes from a knowledge within that you have the training, skill, and experience to get the job done.
You may be short on the experience, but 2 out of three is an excellent start.

There is always a reason why the client may have experienced a problem. Put on your detective hat and check it out... solve the problem... That will give you the confidence (and experience) you need right now.

Best of luck.
Oh thank goodness! A fellow technician with worries like me! Was beginning to lose the plot. I have been charging a small fee to cover materials - thats all, whilst explaining to family & friends that I am using them as ginuea pigs! It is slowly working and after several calls to a helpline I may have solved the Lifting problems! I am determined not to let this faze me! I LOVE nails! I WILL NOT give up! Good luck to everyone out there with similar probs! x
Nailmania I know your frustration all too well. I have been licensed since 96 but did not get up the nerve to work in a salon until 00. I am still struggling to build up a clientele, my weakness is acrylics I give great pedicures and manicures . But I refuse to give up on my dream I love nails and I will continue to practice, attend classes and trade shows eventually I will be great and my book will be full. Dont give up :p the education we receive in schools is pathetic but if this is what you really want to do you must press on. Remember anything worth having is worth fighting for. Good luck!!!You will succeed believe in yourself :)

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