Where am I going wrong with the LVL enhance


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Oct 25, 2015
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I've been doing these a while now and I'm finding I'm having to use the small shields on everyone and even then not getting the best results ..I'm doing everything how I was taught on the course I just can't get my head round it!

These are some of my before/afters

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You're pictures aren't showing?

Why are you using small shields on everyone?

For clients with downward pointing lashes for example a medium shield is best to use as the lift isn't too harsh and it's not asking the lashes to lift more than they're capable of!
Can you see them now? ..and this is what I mean I find I can only get a lift when I use small so I think I must be doing something wrong! :(
hmm i personally would have used medium on both. I think they both look nice, considering you only learnt recently-it took me ages to get my lift right! i take a extra 15 mins to ensure that every strand when i adhere to my shields is perfect- this for me was where i know now that i can guarantee it will look fab. My other advice is timings, i ensure that my timings are exact, i have on a few occasions gotten frizzy ones. Trail and error, so chin up and lash out! xoxo
I was especially disappointed with the second ones, she had so much more length that could of been lifted but it came out really natural! She did have super coarse thick lashes it's like even 12 minutes was not enough :/

Does it affect the curl if the inner rim of the eye starts to curl up?

I was told on the course this was a 40 minute treatment but if defiantly takes me about an hour and 15 :/
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I can do it in 40 minutes! I still can't see your pictures, I'm on an iPad? X

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