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May 17, 2007
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Hi everyone

I am very new to this site and have to admit and totally addicted - i think its ab fab.

I recently qualified in Creative l&P, and am interested in using some glitters but really don't know what to do, ie, should i purchase ezflow and have a go with that or do I try nail graphix - any help would be really helpful.

I am also interested in the nail art side of things, and am not sure whether to try and go on a course or just pick things up as i go.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.


Have you rang creative to see if they do a class for glitter?

I have got the EzFlow glitter and they are gorgeous.

I put on a clear tip and put a small amount of glitter as a french style, got to be quite a thin layer tho! then clear over the top, file n buff to shape, I didnt learn the techniqe from a class so im still learning the technique, but will do more courses with EzFlow in the future.they are fab to train with
ring Gratons.
Carrie xx
Creative have the Metro range of Holographic powders, which includes Silver(City of Light), Gold(Golden City), Copper(City of Angels) and a brown(Mel;ting Pot), white (City of Peace) and black(Sin City). All lovely and glittery. They can be bought in the Metro Kit which has a 2/4 oz Retention+ with it..... or seperately City of Peace the glittery white, is my favourite and one I use most often.

You could also check out Nail Graphix, which you top up with the powder of your choice, ie your CND perfect clear or pink......
Ezflow's range of coloured glitters is fab and they are lovely to work with, but as you have done your training with Creative I think I would stick with them. I understand that Nail Graphix can be added to any brand . . . hth x
personally i would get some nail graphix and have a go with those first...they come in made to measure pots and you just top them up with your powder and off you go...have fun x

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