Where do I stand, legally, giving out food in salon?


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May 12, 2011
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Hello geeks,
I was thinking about creating a new offer, Pedicure with a hot drink of your choice and a slice of home made cake.

But was just wondering, would I be allowed to do this? Or is this now turning to catering?

I dont think so but i do not know either I hand out muffins with manicures etc or mince pies at xmas- would be interesting to know! Sorry to add to your topic xx
I think the drink is fine but food is a no, no because of the hygine and strict H&S laws that anywhere providing food have to meet.

You have the chance of someone being alergic to an ingredient, the chance of any of your hair/beauty products getting contaminated by food or worse still your products getting in the food.

No matter how careful you are I believe you would need special inspections etc... at the place you prepare & cook the food for public comsumption, like people who do home catering and stuff - I'm sure they have to follow lots of rules and they have to be checked out etc... regularly.

Don't get me wrong I think it sounds like a really nice idea but would probably be more trouble than it's worth in the long run.
Not 100% but think if your giving away its ok, but if your selling its a whole new ball game??
I don't have food in my salon and I don't let people bring food in. I had a lady for eyebrow wax and she brought her husband and kid, the kid came in with icecream and it was all over my floor, doors .... And that's a kid, but I've had adults come in eatting and it just leaves everything going sticky.

I know when I go for coffee and get a free biccy or chocolate with it I get really excited. And think its a good idea. I have a bowl of sweets for people to take.

Also I know if I went for a pedi and got offered cake, as much as I would want some, I would turn it down just cos I'm messy. I'm a really strange eatter as well as I hate eatting around people I don't know or eatting alone. I just feel people watch me.
Not 100% but think if your giving away its ok, but if your selling its a whole new ball game??

AFAIK this is correct. I'm sure I read on here once actually (so maybe do a search and see if it comes up) about it being ok to offer food if you're not charging for it.

I have a Bride and Mother of the Bride in this week and really wanted to make it special, so was going to get some Bucks Fizz (and OJ in case they don't drink) and some nibbles of some description, perhaps a few nice chocolates, not sure at the mo.

If I remember rightly from that thread (think it was about offering mince pies at Christmas) it was ok to provide things like that as long as you're not charging for it. Best to double check though, maybe give environmental health a call at your local council?
I think people may be getting confused between Licencing Laws for alcohol and Food Safety legislation.

It does not matter whether or not you charge for food, you still have a legal obligation to ensure that it is safe to eat.

You can serve your clients alcohol without a licence providing you are not charging for it.

If you are preparing and serving food then you would need to be registered with your local authority as a food business. In turn you would be inspected to ensure that you are meeting food hygeine regulations. If however you were just giving your clients pre-packaged cakes or biscuits (not homemade) then I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't need to register. As long as you are storing them correctly and they are in date etc. All drinks are classed as food too and you don't need to be registered to serve a cup of tea!

Best to contact your local environmental health dept for clarification though. HTH
Will have to do that.

Thanks Planky, did a search and I found a thread about serving alcohol but can't seem to find one on serving home made food. Thanks anyway though.

I will be in touch with my local council. Xx

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