Where to buy prescription nails?


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Oct 21, 2010
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Hello everyone,

I am from Europe. So far I have been using gel but I would like to try GO30 prescription nails - I understood they are quite professional, fast to put and great for the clients who want to keep them for a short time (wedding).

So I would like to try them but I can't find an online shop or a website where I could order the pro kit for a decent price. I saw that in US the starter kit is around 250$ but here in Europe I found them only on a Dutch website for approx. 350 Euro.

Can anyone from Europe who uses these give me some advice about where I could order them? I need the seller to be in Europe because of shipment costs - I live in Romania currently so a distributor in EU would be great.

And also I gave it a search on the forum but couldn't find any thread about these nails - do any of you use them? are your clients happy with them?

Thanks a bunch!
ok. I dag deeper and found out the topics related to go30's. kind of answered all my questions, except: where can I buy them from online in Europe?

I would still like to try them for the "no-enhancement" brides who want them for 1-2 days only and never ever had false nails and find it harmful to sculpt in. So any eshops for go 30's you know in Europe?

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