Which Airbrush Colours to use ?


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Feb 20, 2004
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Hi guys

Just wanted some pearls of wisdom. I am currently looking to use a new brand of Airbrush paint.

Have any of you had great results with a certain product. And which paints would you suggest you go for ie opalesent, translucent etc... I am not sure on what the difference is, only the ones I am using are very pure colours where as some of the fab designs need more of a sparkle in them.

All comments greatly received.

Hello Gina,

What brand are you using right now? I use mainly Too Much Fun (available from www.thenailwarehouse.net) and Medea (available from www.netnails.net). Both have a great selection of colours and clean up nice and easy. There's also Createx (available from www.allthingsnails.co.uk) which have some lovely pearl and iridescent colours but are thicker than the other two and your airbrush might not get on with them. You also have to use airbrush cleaner with them whereas with the other two you can get away with using water most of the time for a clean.

Trasnsparents are great for things like colours blends - try to use opaques for a colour blend and you're more likely to get a brown colour where the two colours meet.

Opaques do not need to be 'whited out' when spraying them over another colour and so are good for abstract designs etc.

Then you have sparkle coats with Too Much Fun which really need to be used over another colour to give a sparkle effect.

I love the pearls and iridescents from Createx - can't seem to get the same effect from Too Much Fun and Medea.

It's purely a matter of choice. Perhaps try a couple of colours from different brands and see which you prefer to use. I have certain favourites from all three brands and I wouldn't be able to stick to just one now.

There's also Badger and Sudo airbrush paints, but I had clogging problems with both of these, probably because I didn't clean my airbrush out in time (I was demo'ing at a show and kept forgetting to clean the colours out - too much chatting!!).

Liberty Nail Design
As long as you use acrylic water based paints at the correct consistancy and clean your airbrush properly.
You should use airbrush cleaner as using water is a bit like washing your dishes without washing up liquid. :( Water slides over the paint but cleaner actually grips it and removes it.

I love Medea paints, perfect consistancy, massive colour range and spray like silk.
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