Which brand of nail colors?


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Sep 11, 2004
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Hello all,

Sue the client here.

I was just thinking of restocking my nail colors and was all set to go with OPI...and then I read an ad for China Glaze (which I've never used before, but sounds like a good brand).

Does anyone have any experience with China Glaze or China Glaze over OPI? Or is there a generally preferred (other) brand that you guys like to use?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Why limit yourself all brands have wonderful colors why not get a color you like because the brand?

I find that some brands (including OPI) are just easier, smoother and nicer to work with. I love their brushes for example. Some other brands use really thin, stiff bristles that you have to dip at least twice to get nice coverage. I have a large nail bed and wear my nails pretty long as well. With the OPI brush the only nail I have to re-dip for is my thumbs. And I still get nice coverage and a great finish. I don't want to have to stroke my nail 16 times to get even color, etc.

I also sometimes do designs with my polishes and again, some brands are just easier to work with and have a nicer finish.

Lately I've found I've mainly been using my OPI colors and the others have all gunged up...that's why I'm going to re-stock.

If you want a polish that is not going to gunge up as you put it you need creative enamel
enamel gives better coverage and wearability and they are thixatrophic which means they are free flowing and never gunge up how ever long you keep them, you just give them a roll between your hands and they flow beautiful hth
Color Club also have a pretty fabulous range ...... they have also just launched their mini range

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