which colour gel do you prefer & why?


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Apr 16, 2007
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I was wondering which brand of colour gel that you personally prefer and why?
I would like to invest in some colour gels but i would like to here some opinions on which gels that you personally like and what you think is so great about it and also the downparts *if there are any*

I am looking for a range of color gels that offer many nice metalic type of colours, that cover in two layers and that adhere well to the nail with no chipping when applied correctly. I am also looking at a brand that is not to expensive. I love for example the calgel color gels but the price is a bit to high for me to invest in many different shades.

How many sets of nails can you get out of a 12 gram jar? i know it is difficult to say but just give me your best estimate :green:
Hi ,

OK so I am biased but for me Light Elegance all the way.

The col gels cover great in two coats and sometimes only one depending on the shade . Fantastic range of cols with three new cols coming out every 3 months . No chipping or wear and well priced . You will have to see website for prices as I don't believe we can put them here

Also when the new colours come out these are always on offer for a month or so :)

Light Elegance

cool thanks :)

It,s a brand i haven,t heared of so far. The colours look really nice on the website...oh my :green:
How long do they need to cure?

2 mins cure .9w lamp.

It is also possible to mix the shades together to give you even more colours.

We have lots of customers in Sweden


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