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Nov 21, 2012
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Hi geeks have a client returning after having cancer done patch test with colour touch and koleston both fine.
Her hair is 50%grey and pure white mostly at the front. She wants to be level 8-9, and wants to keep it on the cool/natural rather than warmer, can anyone recommend shades?
What's the unpigmented hair like?
Sori itz really soft not course
Anyone atol I'm unsure I was maybe thinking of 1 parts 9/38 2 part 8/0 on the the white and equal parts for the back will this still be too warm should I may even go with 8/96
Can anyone help
Hi I've had a client like this who is white at front and darker at back, we coloured the White first with desired colour and dried. Then we matched up to correct colour for the back from the colour at the front.

Based on tones I'd go for a 8/71 (8/17 not sure which way around it is on the spot) it's lovely and they've brought it out in illumina

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