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May 23, 2004
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Bolton, UK
Hi all,

I have recently starting working in a salon part-time where they have been kind enough to teach me how to use the drill when carrying out a backfill procedure.

I have done my nail tech course at college but we have not been taught to use drills but I have done a few backfills for clients and I have found using the drill relatively easy and quite fast - as a newbie nail tech my times aren't too bad but my first backfill and infill using the drill took me 2 hours!!!! So I dread to think how long it wouls take me if I was to carry out the same procedure without a drill!

So here's my question - as I work there only part-time and I work from home I have my personal clients who have started to come in regularly so I am starting to worry about not having a drill when a client books in for a backfill.

I know there are many drills out there but it's difficult to choose which one - I wouls appreaciate any advice on this matter.


Hi Trisha

I have used the MT20 now for three years, before that the pro 2000. The MT20 is most suited to me as its so lightweight, its like Im holding a pen!!
I bought it from Distinctive Nail Products/Young Nails. Ive recommended it to quite a few nail techs now, who have gone on to buy one or the slighter cheaper Electric Nail File that they sell. Their carbide drill bits are a very good price too.
Like I said it's been great for me, but you'll have to call them for all the technical spec etc.
OH....another thing. A girl I know bought one recently and included in the price was FREE DRILL TRAINING!
Is it right though that drills cause micro cracking and stuff?
Bodacious said:
Is it right though that drills cause micro cracking and stuff?

On product that is uncured and only just set , yes ... drills can cause micro cracks in the enhancement.

But when doing a rebalance, the product is completely cured and if the drill is of good high quality (High rpms) then this should not happen.

I personally do not like using drills and find them no quicker and they make much more dust which spins up into your face which I don't pesonally like.
But everyone is different and some people use products that are harder to file than the one I use. Doing backfills is a breeze and very quick to do by hand when the product buffs down easily.

Everyone can make up their own mind. What I would say is that if you buy a drill, make sure it is a really good one, get education with it so you use it well, and be very careful cleaning under the free edge with it because if you break the hyponychium it can cause infection or onycholysis.
I have thought long and hard about buying one of these and recently did a post asking which one came with training........I still have'nt bought one!!!!
To be quite honest it was for backfills that i wanted one for because my application for white was'nt brilliant......but i bought my self a new master series brush (he he!) and really concentrated on my application which in turn has taken my backfill time down!!!!
The 2 that were recommended to me were the Mani pro and the Nail genie.
Whichever one you choose ensure you get training!!! My freind has recently bought one from a rep that came in to her salon....no training and she has told me that just in using it for a rebalance she has filed in to the nail bed causing red matks o the nail plate.......needless to sa she is back to the good old fashioned method!!!
Sorry Tisha, but I wouldn't touch one with a barge-pole, if you could see the amount of damage I have seen them do to people over the years. The amount of bleeding nail beds.............aaargh!!! Even when people are trained in how to use them it only takes a millisecond of loss of concentration to cause sometimes very serious damage.
I agree with Geeg, I nearly bought one 7 years ago when I first trained, fortunately I didn't and the need to consider it disappeared with time as I became better and better at my application. Fiona
Hi everyonem sorry for the late reply - I have been away for the past few days and wasn't able to login.

I wanted to thank everyone for their advice, I am now having second thoughts about buying a drill. It's just that I am very concsious of my treatment times and am not too confident about doing backfills as to be honest we weren't told how to do it properly on our training course.

We trained using the NSI Simplicite range and I was wondering if anyone would be able to advise me on the techniwies I should use when carrying out a backfill using normal files.

I must say that at college my tutor wasn't overly enthusiastic about drills so I never thought I's use one - it's only since working at the salon and seeing the other nail tech's timings I got a bit worried about taking too long.

But I guess I should worry too much as I have only been doing nails for a few months.

Well, if anyone can help I'd be v.grateful.

Thanks a bunch
Hello There,
Personally I would never use a drill, not saying no one else should...but they are just not for me..

Trust me I have only been doing L&P for a couple of months now and I only do 3-4 relbalances a month and it does get better the more your do and take on board when things go wrong the better it gets

....now overlay is getting thinner and therefore the quicker my rebalance takes, at the moment it ranges from 2 hours to 1 1/4 which is fine...I'd rather spend more time on my technique and do a good job then worry about my speed...

best of luck and remember we all have set backs, good days and bad days but thats why we are all here to help each other, give moral support
In america many techs have full books doing 8 sets everyday and sometimes have done work 13 sets or backfills in one day .

They have education with electric file use and there is a web site that tells you all about the education in america they take classes in the school how to use the e file there are also videos on safe e file use .

Many techs are very happy to use the e file i have a very good friend who is a creative master tech in america who did a e file course for two days i ask her about e file she said to me you have to have the course to learn to use e file properly but she loves the e file and wish that she had learnt to use e file sooner .

Thank you .
This is the web site for e file education in the usa .

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