Which electrical facial machine company would you recommend?

currently looking to purchase a high frequency, galvanic and microcurrent machine. I've come across the company HOF in Cambridgeshire who have a 3in 1 by Carlton however have now had an 8in1 by Skinmate Elite brought to my attention. really unsure which one to go with now. obvs i want good results for my clients and good customer care if needed. they are exactly the same price, the carlton I can get a 5 year guarantee with the other one just a year which puts me off abit. any feedback much appreciated. :)

Looking to purchase a microcurrent, high frequency & galvanic machine, have enquired about the carlton 3 in 1 as this is what I trained with at college, however just come across the EQU/806 Combin8 (8 Function) Machine (SkinMate Elite). Does anyone have any personal experiences on these? unsure which one to purchase.

Have you looked at sonic medical systems?


Current looking for a dualong machine, hopefully someone will give feedback x