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Jul 20, 2011
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Hi Geeks

I am just about to start offering gel polish to my treatments but i just dont know which one to choose!!!

I was set on going with gelish, but then i saw its £** a bottle (i'm not vat reg so thats the price when you inc vat)

I know it says you are going to get 50-60 applications per bottle but its a hell of a lot of money to lay out initially....

Gellux works out to be £**.** a bottle, opi gelcolours website is just annoying and wont show me prices even though i am trade and have an account with them.

soooooo, which one is best?? I dont want to base my decision on price soley, but at almost £10 a bottle less for gellux - that is seriously going to improve my profit margin and also means i can buy more colours initially so will give my clients better choice!?


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I have used Shellac for 2 years and tried a few others. I also now have OPI Gelcolor as I love their range too.

To be honest if you buy cheap, you buy twice and lose clients. If you want consistent results that clients come back to, go with Shellac. I absolutely love it and have practically every colour.

You will make your money back eventually trust me. Shellac is well known and clients ask for it specifically.

I would still advise to check the threads on gel polish as there are hundreds. Gelish is well liked but was not for me personally.

I'm sure you will make the right decision but do your homework before taking the leap, and don't make it solely on price as that never ends well.

Good luck x
I'm a complete newbie and I was also wondering what system of polish was best . Do you need to use shellac lamp or is a uv 36 watt of any make ok ? I've done a gel fx course found the colours a bit watery so was thinking shellac or opi gel colour . Do you need to do a shellac course or are they pretty much same ? Thanks :eek:
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If you use shellac you must use the CND lamp, there are hundreds of topics on here about lamps.
I use gelish and personally I love it, 99% of my clients get a minimum of 2 weeks wear from it and they offer a huge range of colours. Yes it £xx per bottle, but you get what you pay for. What's the saying, if you buy cheap you buy twice. I started off with 3 or 4 colours, and then have gradually built my collection up. Remember you can layer it to create new colours too. Hope this helps xxx
Hiya I use just gel by IBD, it's okay but the colours are quite thin so you usually have to put on three coats but it does look really nice when done and it lasts well too. They don't have as many colours as the other brands though x
So can you use any lamp with gellish and do you need to do Gelish course ?x
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with each system you will always get the best results from using their own lamp however some companies will tell you themselves if you can use a lamp you already have and achieve great results. For Shellac you need the CND lamp as Shellac is not a gel and the cnd lamp is the only one to cure it properly. YOu can use the cnd lamp with other systems though.

I use bio sculpture gel, well worth the money to invest in this system, i have just started with shellac and am having great results with it also, good to have both to appeal to different clients needs!
I prefer any product with some science behind it, rather than a copycat system .... the only product that offers any science, other than "we have a gel polish too" is CND Shellac .... just look for some kind of science on any other product .... there isn't ... CND is the only company that can actually explain why and how their product works and performs the way it does.

I am open to any science behind any other products, please post links in regard to anything, anyone, any product that has an explanation other than "gel polish"

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