Which Is Best Tan To Use?


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Sep 13, 2010
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I'm new to this but hoping someone will have some advice for me.
I have friends/family that would like me to practice spray tans on them but they have really dark skin. I have heard of the drops that you can add to solutions to darken it but not too sure how to use them and what solution to use them with? Or is it best to just buy a higher percentage solution?
Any advice on which solution to use would be greatly appreciated.
Oh and I have the Maximist pro machine.

Thank you:)
Tantrick, Organics & Tandare by wowfactor. Best on the market in my opinion at the moment. Ive used ever tan under the sun :)
The new Organics range especially, cant even feel it going on!!
If you buy the tandare you can buy the booster drops to make it as dark as you wish.

The training and aftercare is superb. And if you contact them (ask for super Colin) im sure they will be happy to send you some free samples to try.

Good luck! x
Excellent thank you so much for that :)

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