which powder and why???


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Aug 15, 2003
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North Yorkshire
Hi peeps
I have only ever used perfect colour powders in pink and white .
what i would like to know is what colour powders u use and why????
I do have the flawless pink but am still trying to master it??
look forward to your comments!
I use perfect colour pink for everyone's nailbeds - I use perfect white if they want Perm French - Soft White if the dont want it quite so bright - I make a mix of soft white and natural for those clients who want non French nails - I use clear over glitters.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything LOL.
i use perfect colour pink , and white, have been meaning to get some of the flawless pink but havent got round to it yet, also use glimmer aswell, but not all the time , really want some of the coloured powders but am totally skint so it will have to wait a bit !!
I make a mix of soft white and natural for those clients who want non French nails

Hi Fiona

Would you mind telling me how you make this, i.e. how much white compared to natural?

I find it really hard to get rid of all the file lines on clear - do you find it better using a slightly opaque colour?

Thanks! :)

I mix 2 parts soft white with 3 parts natural - I only use this on the tip though not on the nailbed - I always use pink on the nailbed.

If you are having problems with your fill lines then check out the "chasing the line" thread somewhere on here and also Sam's tutorials on rebalancing.

If you are having problems with fill lines then you will have problems with whatever colour you use - it is not the colour, it is something you are not getting quite right when preparing the previous product.

Hope that makes sense.
Hi there,

I too am interested in how to acheive a french polish effect that isnt too obvious? I have had clients in who like the white tip effect but dont want it too obvious! I use creative products, but havent got a soft white, so could i use the white i usually use mixed with either the pink or natural to create a softer look?

Thanks you!

Hi amanda,

I use perfect colours pink and white, i have got the flawless pink but to be honest havent tried it yet! I also use glimmer and twighlight, and i also have the boogie nights by ezflow which are wicked!

Michelle. xxx
Sawasdee ka

Our color powders are being use more then the pink and whites we use dare to dazzling boogie nights and have walk of fame boogie nights too and for some color work we use pastel color collection powders and the rainbow collection is number 1 in Thailand we have that too we have just buy the earthstones and gem stones collections but we have not try them yet because we only have them yesterday but they do look very nice .

All ezflow all have step by step instruction sheet all easy to use .

Hi Michelle.
i was wondeering where u had got to these days!!!! How salon life treating u?
i currently use perfect pink and white.........but have started dabling with natural and blush!!!
I don't have the soft white but would like to create a lighter white!!!
but the natural powder i have is solar powder!!!! Don't know whether they can be mixed!!!

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