Which regular manicure products are you using?

lexi :)

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I would like to invest in a new manicure system... But struggling to find a really good one that's sensitive... Any help. Would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


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My clients really like the kaeso products- great smells and gentle on the skin.
For regular polish I mainly use cnd Vinylux but also some Creative Play and Orly.


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I also love Kaeso, and their hand mask is beautful.
Cuccio - milk and honey is excellent too. So good for sensitibe skin . They do very sophisticated blends of cuticle/ nail oils with the full compliment of matching spa products.... it's where to start really. Can't beat a good soak and then hand lotion that match up to be finished off with the nail oil of the same.
ASP - sugarcane and vanilla hydrating lotion I am currently using, when I want a change.
Try a few and see what you like, they don't break the bank and you will love using them too.
Regular polish , it's Cuccio, Morgan Taylor, China Glaze, OPI and Orly.

Anna Ljungberg

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I've been interested in trying a new manicure range as well, but I haven't quite made my mind up yet and I still have products left, I'm just getting a bit bored of it and I'd like change. :)

The CND sets are meant to be really nice, and the new Light Elegance range I find quite interesting.