which technique?


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Nov 9, 2007
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Hi all,

Im ready to book a course now and from looking on here seems to be best to master one at a time.

What did you learn first?


which is best?

Hi Kelly
You will find that gel is the easier of the two to learn but most clients want what you call acrylic (it is called L&P, liquid and powder hun)
i would advise that you learn liquid and powder first as that is what the majority of clients will ask for
also once you have mastered this you will find it a lot easier to learn gel or fabric wraps hth
I agree ... it only makes sense to do your initial training in the system that is most in demand and that is still Liquid & Powder in the UK and most other countries of the world.

There is a really simple reason as to why this is so. They are the strongest and they last the longest. They do require a great deal of artistic ability to apply beautifully but don't let that put you off as skills can be learned like anything else. Just don't expect instant perfect results ... it takes time.
Whichever one you decide it's best to learn one and keep practicing until you have totally got to grips with it. It can be confusing looking at both at the same time, as they are completely different ways of working. I mastered gel first and loved it but once I mastered L&P I was hooked and yes, the clients do prefer L&P near me.
My personal preference is acrylic hun but I still do gel as well.
Good luck with whatever you decide x

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