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Dec 17, 2015
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I am colouring a ladies hair on Saturday. Her natural base is 5. I bleach her hair using 9% on the sides and 12% on the top. The lift is fine. I can't decide whether to use 9/03 colour touch or 9/16 colour touch as a toner?
The thing is, I know next or the time, or the time after she is going to want to go back to her natural colour. Therefore, would it be better to use 9/03 to tone this time, as that will compliment the pre-pigmenting I'll have to do in a few weeks/months? Or will all of the toner be pretty much gone by then?
Also, about pre-pigmenting hair. If I am taking the hair back down to a level 5, what should I use in wella to pre-pig the hair? I used to use L'Oreal, and I used dia-color. What is used in wella? Can I use a mousse ?
Any help most welcome.
Bleach and 12% on a level 5. That seems a bit excessive.
You shouldn't have needed to go higher than 6% normally.

Are you qualified as your technique and questions seem a little odd?
Yes, I am qualified. Her hair is very strong, and she had previously had a full head bleach with someone else. I could use 6%, but I have done strand tests and it didn't give the lift I wanted. The reason I was wondering about toner is last time I put 8/03 plus 0/33 mixtone + 6% and warm water. I I had to use this as the hair suppliers had run out of colour touch. The result was disappointing. I didn't want to put on 9/16 colour touch this time, and for the ash tone to go khaki with the 0/33 from last time. The other question about pre-pigment is a perfectly reasonable question. What would your advise be?
By the way, I only put the 8/03+0/33 on the underneath at the back, and I only did a t-section.
Well, a toner won't last several weeks let alone months, so that's not likely to be an issue.
With pre-pigging, it depends on what end result you're aiming to achieve really.
Just look at your lightening curve.
For a neutral 5, I'd be looking at pre-pigging with orange but it also depends on the colour being used as some products don't need it.

Probably best to post with up to date info nearer the time.
Clients change their minds so often that you could be all prepared with xx products and then they want it bright purple with black tips or whatever...! :)
That's what I thought about the toner, just comes out. I know she will definitely want to go back to a base 5 sooner or later. Ok, let's say hyperthetically she wants a target shade of 5/37. I need to put back in the orange /red pigment. I can use 5/37+6% on the roots, she has a least 50% grey hair in certain areas. I can then pre-pig lengths and ends, but with what? A mousse, colour touch? Then I can just apply 5/37+1.9% to the lengths and ends. Like I said, I did colour keys with loreal 15years ago! We just press pigmented using discolor. I now use wella, and because I love the range of tones. I just want to know what is usually used. Many thanks
Sorry that's meant to say pre-pigment using dia colour
You can use wella perfecton for pre-pig. Use mixing instructions and apply to hair dry it in and apply colour over the top.
Thanks will do

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