Which volume developer to use for a level 5 red violet on a level 3?


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Oct 12, 2013
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Going from level 3ish 4 brown with caramel highlights to level 5 intense red ion with a shot of color jazz semi perm. Purple passion to achieve a red intense violet. Now my question Is my new growth prob 2 inches is virgin pulls very fast and red. Should I use a 10 dev. And do it after the shaft and ends are colored? How long should I wait to put color on new growth and for how long should I let it develop??
Question 2. Since my hair is a level 3-4 With caramel highlights what vol. Dev. Should I use on shaft to ends how long should I let it sit will using a higher dev. Other than 10 effect my highlights in a bad way?
Question 3. If my extensions are a level 3 can I use developer on them other than 10?

Thank you! Hope I get my answer soon 

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What level are the highlights? Is the level 3/4 of her current hair natural or tinted?
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