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Oct 14, 2014
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Has anyone ever come across this??? And know what it is? My client has shellac and is always fine but has these markings on both thumbs???
Has anyone got any ideas on what this could be??? Help would be great just never seen this before, in 8 years of doing my clients nails ???[emoji16]
Sometimes my clients get these too, not sure why though? Might be because pressure was applied to that Area of the nail
She has had them for a while they just seem to be growing out but a new white mark Is forming at the bottom by next time will be visible?
She hasn't changed anything or knocked them same as I've changed nothing? Seems odd?
I recovers again yesterday but said maybe have few months off using rescueRx? Maybe a good treatment for a period will do them good!?
White marks in the nail plate are 99% of the time to do with damage as in knocking or banging, she wouldn't necessarily remember either. Nail cells when formed in the matrix are white and as your nail grows they are flattened out & then grow up to be clear. White marks normally mean that something stopped those cells from being compressed, eg. a knock or bang. Nails are funny things & somethings things appear, for what seems no reason at all. But what I would say is this is not damage caused by you or the shellac, her nails look in good condition so there is no reason she couldn't keep having them done if she wants! HTH x
I would add that if the marks are because of a knock or pressure to the matrix/surrounding area - it is likely that the actual cause happened around a month ago! So unlikely that she will remember what caused it. You can recommend to your client that she massages her matrix area (when she applies cuticle oil or her usual hand moisturizer) as this will stimulate blood flow/cell formation and may help the nail react better to knocks etc. in the future :)
Looks like Leukonychia striata, but I can't diagnose as I am not a medical doctor :p

Quoting from Wikipedia.

"Leukonychia striata, transverse leukonychia, or Mees' lines are a whitening or discoloration of the nail in bands or "stria" that run parallel the lunula (nail base). This is commonly caused by physical injury or disruption of the nail matrix. Common examples include excessive tapping of the nails, slamming a car door or extensive use of manicure.[6] It may also occur in great toenails as a result of trauma from footwear. Alternatively, the condition can be caused by heavy metal poisoning most commonly by lead[7] or arsenic.[5] It can also be caused by cirrhosis or chemotherapy.[8] The tendency toward leukonychia striata is sometimes inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion. In other cases, it can be attributed to vigorous manicuring and trauma aforementioned, or to a wide variety of systemic illnesses. Serious infections known for high fevers, measles, malaria, herpes, and leprosy may also cause this condition. In many patients, there is no obvious cause, and the streaks resolve spontaneously.[9] There is a similar condition called Muehrcke's lines (apparent leukonychia) which differs from leukonychia in that the lines fade with digital compression and does not migrate with the growth of the nail.[10]"


I'd say ask your client to consult with her GP to get a definite diagnosis.


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looks similar. I wear long sculpted L&P enhancements and caught it and it lifted off at the base.
Thanks guys, will investigate from your comments!

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