white tip paint under acrylic.


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Aug 21, 2007
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Worksop, Notts
I am trying to find a quicker & nicer solution to backfills and i have come up with an idea. I cant seem to find the More Than White acrylic paint anywhere, so is it possible to use white tip enamel that you would use for a french manicure? I have tried it and it looks great AND it so much quicker but i have put it under an acrylic/silk sealent NOT acrylic. I buffed the white enamel with a sanding block to try and get rid of the shine but it seems to slightly rub the enamel off, so i have to apply more.
I have not tried to put it under acrylic and i know for acrylic to stick to a surface it has to be shine free.
So has anyone tried this and has anyone got any suggestions or is there something similar to this MTW that i can get hold of.
More than white has been discontinued,
as for using polish under acrylic, this would not work for the reasons you have said your self, much more rewarding to master the art of applying white acrylic,
the only way you can do it with polish and acrylic is to apply one colour of acrylic and paint the white enamel on afterwards, but i cant imagine your clients would let you get away with that
No...didn`t think so. Didn`t look to good after a day or 2. So i will just stick to the white acrylic powder on backfills. Shame about the MTW. Couldn`t have been that good if it has been discontinued.They have worked for this long with no probs. Thanks anyway for the reply.

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