Who actually does treatments on themselves?


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Apr 27, 2006
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I'm wondering how many people do treatments that they offer on themselves, probably more towards the people who don't have a salon.

On a slightly lighter note (particularly if you have children) how the hell do you do it? I tried yesterday to 1. wax my own legs, I am more than capable of doing it have the certs and the lot. However throw a 6 year old girl who initially wanted to watch, then wanted to help and I ended up with a latex glove stuck to my leg:lol: 2. facial, mmmm that will be relaxing probably wold have been if my children hadn't had their faces an inch away from mine and as a result I hadn't got masque in my eye. I didn't bother with the manicure the prospect of listening to my daughter going can you do mine every 10 seconds was too much to bear!!

On a serious note though do you all keep up to the treatments you offer on yourself as you would suggest your clients do, or is it a case of if you have time to fit it in.
Luckily for me my mum is a beauty therapist (Im a nail tech) and even though she lives in Essex when she comes to visit I give her a pedicure and she waxes my eyebrows! We have always swapped treatments this way and I have to say its very handy lol :green:


PS why can children not except the word yes the first time - "Can you do mine after" "yes" 10 seconds later " Can you do mine after" - "yes" :rolleyes: lol!!!
Well I'm having a break from it at the moment cos I just can't be bothered with my own (shame on me I know :smack:) but normally I do my own nails. Have done for years. Think I deserve a break. :lol: I've been flat out for quite a while and when I've got a spare minute I just don't feel like doing mine. (Love doing other peoples but mine are just a chore - anyone else feel like that?) Boy, I miss them though . . .
Lol kids eh? xxx
I sort myself out when the kids have gone to bed otherwise I just wouldnt be able to cope! lol!!! My daughter would be in my face demanding her nails to be painted and my son would be demanding spiders on his nails!
I TRY to do my own nails. I always try to give myself a paraffin pedicure, but if i don't have time or can't be bothered, then i either just do foot cream with cling film or do a different colour varnish! I get my husband to tan me though!!
I also have a very interested nearly 3 yr old daughter who always wants her nails filed and when we are tanning, she sees the tent and strips off wanting her turn!! LOL It's so funny!
I am only 22 so i don't have the kid prob yet! But i do my own L&P nails and toes, do my tan, wax my legs and my brows and tint my own lashes!

I cant even imagine any of that happening when i have a kid tho... I find it a chore now.... never mind when i have a kid swinging from my neck! i will have to get others to do it for me then!


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