Why do I feel guilty??


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Apr 23, 2012
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Think I just need reassurance.
A girl text yesterday at about 2pm, wanted micro rings in for today.
I said it would be difficult to get hair etc and she said she would get it today I'd I would fit it. I said ok. She also said she does hair extensions herself.
Then she asked if I could get the hair, this was about 4pm, I tried my hardest but couldn't manage it so had to tell her I couldn't. I felt really guilty for some reason so I offered to go into manchester this morning to get the hair as she said she wouldn't have time (although she had planned to earlier).
Then my 2 yr old got rushed into hospital and I've been up all night so I rang her and she said no probs she would get it but asked where to go which I thought was odd after her saying she did hair. Now I never buy anything other than online so I ended up ringing about 5 shops in town whilst I was sat in hospital but when she got there she said it was too expensive (£120). I said if she waits until tuesday I could get the hair for a bit less and better quality but now she is ignoring me lol. She paid her deposit so...
And I feel like I've messed up somehow but I don't know why?!
I don't think you have done anything wrong at all! Don't worry your 2 year old was obv your priority some things come first! If someone wants extensions the next day it's pretty impossible to get the hair delivered in time anyway! X
I wouldn't have put yourself through all that to be honest. I would have arranged a consultation and got your hair from our supplier. It's th clients fault for being last minute, don't feel guilty xx
Blimmin Hell woman! You bent over backwards for this client so dont you dare feel guilty. You went above and beyond the call of duty so I would say if she doesnt get in touch with you today she looses her deposit.
And you were right to prioritise your 2 year old too, do not feel guilty!!!!! ;) xxxxx
Lol thank you :)
Well I actually did go to her house once she asked me to get the hair to colour match it. She has a very ashy light blonde and was finding it hard to find anyone with her colour. I was literally on the phone in a&e trying to source it. Think the nurses thought I was a right heartless cow!

Well I'll see if she gets in contact to have it done next week.

Married to the job as they say..
When my 4 yr old was rushed in via ambulance once on a sat at 3am i was actually deliberating going in!Sometimes in theses situations of stress and worry its easy to get panicky and be doing all sorts of irational things.Been there,done that,
Dont sweat it sweetie,your babies more important and im sure she can sort her hair out.
I think because hair is such a personal thing (and nails/beauty)we tend to treat it that way aswell and try to please everyone all of the time which isnt always possible.
I hope your baby is better and honestly,dont worry im sure she will sort it out.

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